In 2021, the cremation rate in the United States reached 57.5%, and 74.8% in Canada.
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Our Custom Built Induction Furnaces are Industry Best.

Precious Metals From Funeral Homes and Crematories

All material you provide is checked-in and photographed, weighed, sorted and enter in our system for processing under video surveillance.

Harvesting Precious Metals

  • We start by melting your material in one of our induction furnaces while also adding the appropriate custom blended flux to remove impurities.

  • Then we thoroughly mix the molten material to insure a uniform sample, lift out the crucible, and pour the liquid metal into a mold – creating a solid bar for testing.

To assess the content of your scraps, we use fire assay and Atomic Absorption – viewed as the most accurate means of determining gold and silver content — up to 1 part in 10,000 on gold.

Settlement Process

Frequently asked questions regarding price and payout.

Can I “lock-in” the price for my metal?2020-07-09T17:52:17-07:00

Yes. Should you desire to “lock-in” your metal price at a price you desire prior to the posting of the 2nd London Fix on the following day, simply contact your sales representative when you feel the price is right for you, and the price will be locked by our trading desk.

Can I place my material on consignment for future payment?2020-07-24T19:06:02-07:00

In the event you wish to place your material on consignment and have your precious metal collected in a pool account for payment in the future, contact your sales representative.

Start Getting Paid For The Value Of Post-Cremation Metals


Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

I’ve been in the death care industry for over 40 years and have never come across a company that truly cares about our industry like PMRS does.

Frank P., Texas

The professionalism and service that our firm receives from PMRS is remarkable. Thank you for all of your help.

Dave A. , Colorado

I had no idea the type of liability I was exposing my business to by not properly disposing of the post-cremation metals.

Robert F., Washington

The service that our facility has received from PMRS has been unparalleled. Truly a pleasure to work with.

Mark S., Massachusetts

Truly an eye opening experience to see the real value contained within metals compared with what we were being told from the last company we worked with.

Chris S., Illinois

After years of burying the metals on-site, it’s a tremendous relief to be able to recycle them at no cost and save the environment at the same time.

Gladys B., North Carolina

After being solicited by a number of different “recycling companies”, we’ve found the service and knowledge from PMRS is unrivaled in the industry.

Stewart F., New York

We recently mailed materials to your company. You shipped us the containers, paid for the freight, and paid us more than we ever expected. You educated us and were very easy to work with. We have never been treated with this much respect and helpfulness.

Wayne S. , North Dakota

After being led to believe there was little to no value contained in the metals by another company in the industry, our eyes have truly been opened by the honest and transparent approach of PMRS.

Peter K., Michigan
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