We Responsibly Refine Post-Cremation Metals Being Recycled

Federal and State EPA agencies regard cremation scrap as hazardous waste (heavy metals)

Mandatory recycling and waste management protocols for the proper disposal or dental implants, pacemaker and other implants found post-cremation must be adhered to by any crematory, funeral parlor, mortuary or business offering cremation services.


Our EPA compliant refinery documents 100% of your metals that are processed and refined in our state-of-the art facility.

PMRS is recognized as an EPA and OSHA compliant precious metal refinery. As an industry leader in refining implant and dental alloys we take pride in being well versed in Environmental Law. Our state-of-the-art facility was built to provide clients with an ethical and responsible way to recycle their post-cremation metals. Since our inception, our founder has been an active member in the EPA Task Force for Recycling in Region 5.

As an environmentally conscious family-owned business, we’ve put an emphasis on ensuring your metals are properly documented and refined in our facility.

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