Call the florist! Call the electrician! Call the mailman! Who is paying the most for dental crowns today?  With palladium prices approaching $3,000 per oz, it seems everyone is now in the business of buying dental material from crematories. 

Recently, it has come to our attention that, besides being inundated by calls from recyclers for their material, all claiming to pay the most, our customers are now being solicited for their material by everyone from the retort repairman or urn salesperson to even the mailman.  Yes, the mailman.   

What do the mailman, the urn salesperson, and the retort repairman all have in common you ask? First, they are making money on the material you give them.  They are certainly not doing it for free! That is less money in your pocket or less money donated to the charity or foundation of your choice.  Second, they are not refiners.  They are simply middlemen selling the material to someone else.  They have no interest in protecting your liability.  They have no interest in environmentally compliant disposition of your metals.  Finally, they have no accountability to anyone.   

If the mailman says ABC Refining and Recycling are the best, what is that based on?  It’s doubtful that their information is based on years of historical settlements, training in environmentally compliant operating procedures, or even their extensive experience in the deathcare industry. Maybe, ABC just happens to be on his route and gives him free coffee, a strange coincidence indeed.  It is much more likely that he is recommending the Company that pays him the most, not you.

When making the decision as to who will service your post cremation recycling program, it is imperative that you make an informed decision, as whatever choice is made will have dramatic repercussions down the road.  For example, an uninformed decision to go with the guy the repairman suggested could lead to extensive liability in the event a family inquires as to the ultimate disposition of the metals.  Try telling them that you gave the retort repairman their loved one’s implants and see how that goes.  The last thing a grieving family wants to learn is that you sold the metal to the highest bidder without any regard to what was going to happen with it.  

The team at Progressive/PMRS has the experience, knowledge, and procedures in place to pay the industry’s highest returns for your material.  Progressive/PMRS is a family owned business and has been in the precious metal recycling and refining industry for over 40 years.  Our state-of-the-art precious metal refinery can extract precious metals from almost any material, with an accuracy rate measured in parts per million, and can surely provide superior returns for your recycling program, while also providing peace of mind that everything is being disposed of in an environmentally compliant manner. Do not expose your business to brokers and middlemen who are only interested in lining their pockets.

Call 800-323-9785 ext. 8838 today to find out how a complimentary analysis of your recycling program could uncover hidden value while also protecting you from expensive liability due to an uninformed decision you made about your recycling disposal program, based on the recommendation of a middleman solicitor, looking out only for himself.