Once again PMRS will be sponsoring a booth at the Annual NFDA International Convention & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee on October 17-20, 2021. We are in Booth 1938 and look forward to reconnecting with customers and meeting new people who are interested in working with the nation’s premier cremation recycling provider. Please stop by to speak with our “A” team of company representatives, including Jarret Niesse, COO of PMRS; Drew Osberg, National Director of Sales for PMRS; and Tim Didier, National Account Manager for PMRS. Learn about our recycling programs, or come by just to say hi! We also have a few goodies and surprises in store for those who visit the PMRS booth.

Be sure to ask for a complimentary analysis of your current recycling program and discover how PMRS can help your business discover additional value in the by-products that are created by the cremation process. Our analysis of the competition, coupled with our state-of-the-art refining facility, equipment, and proprietary methods for extracting precious metal bearing material have achieved returns that are consistently higher than the competition, without the need to lock the customers up in long term contracts. It is not uncommon for customers to see returns of 25% to 30% greater than our competitors for similar materials sent to PMRS.

PMRS is a 42-year-old industrial direct refiner providing expert recycling and refining services for a variety of industries. Our proprietary processes and analysis allow PMRS to provide first in class recovery of all metals that are residuals of the cremation process. PMRS is a refiner, and unlike our competition, we focus on refining, rather than installation/operation and service of automatic processing machines that are located on the crematory premises. Those refiners that claim to provide “free” machines are simply paying lower returns to their customers to cover the additional expenses associated with purchasing the processing machines. They also require their customers to enter into long term contracts, some as long as 15 years, so that they can continue to pay lower returns, without any repercussions from their customers. A machine that originally costs $35,000 may end up costing a crematory in excess of $100,000 because of the lower returns received over the period of the contract. After that, despite paying 3 times the value of the machine, some of the crematories won’t even own it, and are subject to it being removed by the refiner that provided it, or worse yet being sued by the refiner who allegedly was providing a “free machine”.

PMRS believes that the customer should always have a choice and an option to send their material to the Company that pays the highest returns. PMRS is the obvious choice for crematory customers who desire to achieve the highest returns in the industry, while not being obligated to a long-term deal, locking in lower returns for years. Stop by Booth 1938 at NFDA or Call 1-800-323-9785 to learn more about the hidden value and additional income that PMRS can generate for your crematory.

By: Jarret S. Niesse
COO – Precious Metal Refining Services, Inc. (PMRS)