In 2021, the cremation rate in the United States reached 57.5%, and 74.8% in Canada.

Collection of small metals, what’s happening in your space?

You’ve been recycling at your crematory for years now. You fill up your drum and coffee cup sized container and send it off to your refiner of choice and receive a check. But how often do you observe, or have the conversation about your collection practices? From our experience around the country, the answer is often not much, and we’re

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Recycling Pacemakers for Funeral Homes

When the deceased chooses cremation, what happens to medical implants that are removed before the cremation process? When thinking about recycling inside of the deathcare industry, most industry professionals are familiar with seeing recycling for crematories. Recyclers offering full-service programs have long been known for their abundance of calls to owners about dental implants collected in their processing areas. But

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Growing Your Recycling Organically

PMRS thinks differently about recycling. In most instances, you may be familiar with a recycler supplying you with a steel drum, a dental container, or even a processor at your facility. The instructions are simple, fill up the recycling drum/dental container and call to schedule a shipment. The initial pitch though is that you can increase your metals returns and

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Visit PMRS at NFDA in Booth 1938

Once again PMRS will be sponsoring a booth at the Annual NFDA International Convention & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee on October 17-20, 2021. We are in Booth 1938 and look forward to reconnecting with customers and meeting new people who are interested in working with the nation’s premier cremation recycling provider. Please stop by to speak with our “A”

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Join us in welcoming Drew Osberg to the PMRS Family!

A letter from Sheldon Goldner, PMRS Founder & Owner Dear Crematory Owners, We would like to formally introduce and welcome Drew Osberg to the PMRS family. Drew will work as the National Director of Business Development and continue to grow our full-service recycling programs for crematories across North America. Drew brings a wealth of knowledge from within the deathcare

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The Mailman is Recycling Now?

Call the florist! Call the electrician! Call the mailman! Who is paying the most for dental crowns today?  With palladium prices approaching $3,000 per oz, it seems everyone is now in the business of buying dental material from crematories.  Recently, it has come to our attention that, besides being inundated by calls from recyclers for their material, all claiming

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Post Cremation-Recycling: The “Free Machine” Trap

There are several recyclers in the post cremation-recycling industry that are providing so-called “free processors” to crematories around the country. This offer includes a maintenance agreement as well as a time-based contract to send the recyclable metals to the recycler who provided the machine. The recycler then pays the crematory or donates to a charity an amount for the

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